For Patients

Patients are referred to the OBRI by their participating rheumatologist, and are contacted periodically by an OBRI interviewer by phone.

By participating in the OBRI, patients share  information about their  rheumatoid arthritis and medication use.

Point of Care Reports

Patients who participate in the OBRI receive Point of Care Reports. These reports are valuable for patients and their rheumatologists- they are patient specific. They highlight information about the patient’s  disease over time,  and they  respond  to medication.

Data Collected from Participants

The OBRI collects a number of variables from participants, including personal information, as well as information about disease and  medication usage.

Patient perspective on the state of arthritis in Canada

In this video, Cathie Hofstetter, RA patient and member of the OBRI Patient Advisory Committee speaks out about the state of arthritis in Canada.