Lay Summaries

The OBRI Patient Advisory Committee works with the OBRI researchers/investigators to create patient friendly summaries for OBRI participants.  Lay summaries are included in each issue of the patient newsletter, In the Loop.

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Predictors of patient reported decision to discontinue anti-rheumatic medication in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: Data from a rheumatoid arthritis cohort

Collection of anti-rheumatic medication data from both patients and rheumatologists shows strong agreement in a real world clinical cohort

Adherence to RA Medication

Use of Disease Measurement Tools and Treat-to-Target Strategies in RA Patients

The effect of triage assessments on identifying inflammatory arthritis and reducing rheumatology wait times in Ontario

Patient Priorities in RA Research: An Exploration of Perspectives from those Enrolled in a Canadian RA Clinical Cohort

Contributions of Social Determinants of Health on Treatment Responses in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Use of MEDSCHECK program among RA patients

Cigarette Smoking & Disease Activity in RA Patients