OBRI Patient Advisory Committee

Patient Advisory Committee (PAC)

The OBRI PAC is a volunteer-led committee comprised of patient representatives.  Its role is to represent and communicate patient perspectives to OBRI staff, investigators and stakeholders; and to motivate and engage patients through education, knowledge transfer, and ongoing communication. Past accomplishments include:

  • The production of an annual patient newsletter to inform patients about OBRI research, news and events
  • The development of plain-language summaries to communicate research findings to patients
  • The compilation of information on medications to facilitate patient awareness of RA treatment options
  • The co-facilitation of OBRI patient sessions to communicate OBRI research activities and identify patient research priorities
  • The creation of terms of reference and guiding principles documents.

OBRI Patient Advisory Committee Members (October 2019)

  • Catherine Hofstetter, Chair (Canadian Arthritis Network, Canadian Arthritis Patient Network)
  • David Barker (Caregiver Representative)
  • Jennifer Boyle (Patient Partners in Arthritis; The Arthritis Society)
  • Maureen Forbes (Patient Representative)
  • Lynda Linderman (OBRI Interviewer)
  • Gerald Major (Canadian Spondylitis Association)
  • Erinn McQueen (Patient Partners in Arthritis)
  • Denis Morrice (Ontario Rheumatology Association)

Terms of Reference

Guiding Principles