Data Collected

To ensure your privacy, the personal information collected by the OBRI is protected against loss, theft, and unauthorized use. The information that we collect is listed below:

Informed Consent

Telephone interviewers ensure participants have a thorough understanding of the OBRI study prior to giving verbal and written consent to participate.


Includes patient’s date-of-birth, weight, height, languages, ethnicity and marital status.

Arthritis History

Includes the date patient was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), who made the diagnosis, date patient first developed joint pain and family history.

Internet/Email Usage

Includes type of internet service and whether RA limits computer usage.

Previous Anti-Rheumatic Medications

List of drugs taken to treat RA in the past. Includes length of time taken and reason for discontinuing.

Socio-Economic Status

Questions to assess the effect of socio-economic status of DMARD and biologic use in the the Ontario population.


Information about other diseases and conditions, past and present.

Concurrent Medications

Current RA medications including date started and dosage.

HAQ (Health Assessment Questionaire)

The HAQ measures functional status in patients with RA.

RADAI (Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity Index)

The RADAI consists of questions about pain and stiffness levels as well as pain in each joint.

Patient Global Assessment

This question relates to the patients’ perception of their disease activity over the past week.

Fatigue and Sleep

Patients’ ranking of fatigue and sleep levels during the past week.

Work Productivity

Employment status including hours worked and impact of working with RA symptoms.


Questions to monitor the incidence and risk factors of tuberculosis in patients using anti-rheumatic medications.


Questions about pregnancy as part of the safety monitoring of patients using anti-rheumatic medications.

Euro Q of L (European Quality of Life Questionnaire)

Questions about the current state of health related to mobility, self-care, usual activities, pain/discomfort and anxiety/depression.

SAE (Serious Side Effects)

Patients are asked to detail serious side effects and adverse reactions to drugs.

COVID-19 and Vaccines

Questions about COVID-19 symptoms and testing, as well as current vaccination status.